Who runs the BAF

The BAF is organised by the Institut für Archäologische Wissenschaften of the Universität Bern (Switzerland). It is hosted by the Swiss Society for Ancient Near Eastern Studies (http://sgoa.ch/en/).

The BAF Committee

The BAF Committee is composed of researchers active in different disciplines:

Pascal Attinger, Universität Bern (Assyriology)
Susanne Bickel, Universität Basel (Egyptology)
Max Gander, Universität Zürich (Hittitology)
Florian Lippke, Université de Fribourg (Levantine and Biblical Literature)
Josy Luginbühl, Universität Bern (Classical Archaeology)
Patrick Michel, Université de Genève (Assyriology + Hittitology)
Hannah Mönninghoff, Universität Bern (Near Eastern Archaeology)
Mirko Novák, Universität Bern (Near Eastern + Central Asian Archaeology)
Alexander Sollee, Universität Bern (Near Eastern Archaeology)
Vincent Serneels, Université de Fribourg (Archaeometry)
Johanna Tudeau, Universität Bern (Assyriology)

How the BAF works


The talks constitute the core of the BAF. There is no theme. The talks may be devoted to any topic. It is essential that they be clear enough to be comprehensible to a scientific audience coming from different research fields and areas.

The talks will take place in two different rooms, each equipped with a flip chart, beamer, screen, computer, and vidcast material. Each talk will last 10 minutes maximum with 5 minutes discussion. The talks are grouped based on similarity into ad hoc panels.

The doors of each room are kept open during the talks so as to promote circulation between rooms, in keeping with the original concept of 'forum' as marketplace since the BAF is designed as a marketplace of ideas.

The talks are vidcasted and participants have the option to submit their vidcast for inclusion in the online video journal "BAF-Online" (aka "BAF-O"), subject to a successful peer-review.

Round tables

Shortly before lunch, participants are invited to take part in informal discussions about general thought-provocative topics.

Book session and moderators meeting

During coffee breaks book sessions are organised where newly published (co-)authors are given the opportunity to briefly present their book (and potentially sell signed copies). 5-minute presence time slots are allocated to the authors.

During this time also, all moderators will meet to share their lines of discussion and agree on the procedures for the Q&A plenary session.

Summary of results

This session lasts 45 minutes. Here the organisers present a summary of the day's results and invite participants to share their thoughts.

Publication of the proceedings

Participants are invited to submit their video for publication in "BAF-Online", the BAF peer-reviewed open access video journal: https://www.bop.unibe.ch/baf