No visit to Switzerland is complete without experiencing the Alps. The BAF will be followed by a leisurely but energising hike in the Berner Oberland on Friday 30.06.2017. We warmly invite you to take part! *Mens sana in corpore sano*

This year we will be hiking around the Oeschinensee, a beautiful alpine lake. Several hiking routes depart from the lake so even if you do not feel you are in a condition to do the medium level group hike, you can stroll around the lake, have a swim (the water is pretty cool, in every sense of the word), go for a boat ride or simply sit back and enjoy the stunning landscape from one of the cafes there. You do not need special hiking equipment but we ask you to bring good hiking boots. Do not forget to also bring with you sunglasses, sunscreen and a water bottle. There are plenty of possibilities to get lunch along the way, but you can also bring your own picnic.

We will leave Bern in the morning at 08:39 and will be back in the evening at 17:20. Travelling is expensive in Switzerland but since we are travelling as a group we can offer you the round trip (train and funicular) at the rate of 75.2 CHF per person (or 44.40 CHF with Halbtax; 10.40 CHF with GA). If you wish to participate you must select the hike option upon registration.

For more information about the area:

Check it out real life.