Dear Colleagues and Friends,

All of us who have ever dealt with clinical MR spectroscopy have probably asked some of these questions: Is this spectrum good? - good enough? What is a good spectrum anyway? Could it be better? Should it be better? What does it take for high quality MRS? Is this shim acceptable? How long should I acquire? What is appropriate in terms of data processing? What to do with the baseline? Is this an artefact or a feature? To fit or not to fit - and if, how? To quantitate or not to quantitate - and if, how?

In the framework of the European Marie Curie ITN TRANSACT , we organize a workshop, where these questions are at the centre: "Quality Issues in Clinical MR Spectroscopy". We have put together a program where international experts were asked to shine lights on many different aspects of quality in MRS, starting from hardware issues to localization techniques, effects of motion, to processing, quantification , quality control, but also items like artefact prevention, issues in multi centre studies, but also the view from the clinical side of MRS.

We would like to invite you to come to Bern and learn and discuss about these issues and contribute to the discussion on guidelines for quality criteria for clinical MRS. We welcome scientists interested in MRS methodology, but also anybody trying to use MRS in the clinic and in need for standards on minimal spectral data quality or eager to learn about good clinical spectroscopy practice and recognition or prevention of artifacts.

Beside the invited program, there will be time and space for proffered contributions, oral and in the form of traditional posters. Please submit any of your methodology or applied research that has any bearing to our topics.

Finally, Bern is easy to reach, touristically very attractive, with the Alps nearby and the old town a UNESCO world cultural heritage. Hence, plenty of reasons to come to discuss and to enjoy.

Preregistration deadline is May 25 and as always the nice hotels are first book, first serve.

Hope to see you at our workshop

Roland Kreis, Johannes Slotboom, and Peter Vermathen

Sponsored by: and      Switzerland (for student participation)

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roland.kreis@dkf.unibe.ch / April, 2014